Basics On How To Start With Fine Art Oil Paintings For Beginners

Oils paints are used by most artists for their painting because of its great quality, texture, and colors. They are used from past many years and still continues to dominate. Also getting started with fine art oil paintings is not so difficult task. You need to do a bit extra things then you do with the acrylics.


Here are some important tips you need to keep in mind for great fine art oil paintings which can help you:

  • To start off with you can go with some small painting. This will help you understand and avoid the wastage of the materials. It is important that you first get a hang of the oil paints and understand some basic things.
  • Put your whole setup in an area where you have proper space and lighting. This will help you understand the colors and also will have freedom of space. Buy some professional grade paints and brushes. Using them you will get hands on to them and will be easy for you in future. You can get 3-4 professional brushes will be enough to start.
  • For the fine art oil paintings, it is very important that you understand the colors. Though it is also a basic need to become a painting artist. You should know the art of mixing the colors as the pure forms are mostly strong towards yellow and blue color. It is good if you know the difference and uses of warm and cool colors.

These are some important things you must know for the start to your fine art oil paintings. There is more to learn as you ahead with it as first you need to get a hang of the basic things.


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